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SEO Europe is a charitable project that helps underserved and underrepresented young people who are studying in Europe to achieve career success.

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Our Programmes


The French Programme, launched in September 2022, is our first SEO Europe expansion programme and will provide a year of first-class support to undergraduates studying in business schools or universities in Europe. We are very grateful to our sponsor ICG (Intermediate Capital Group), who is funding this programme and our partner firms Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Google and others who will be providing internships, training, masterclasses and other support to prepare participants for successful careers after they graduate.


The French Programme is a FREE programme designed to help students to find fantastic career opportunities in France.

We are open to supporting anyone who is:

  • Studying at a University or Grande Ecole in France​

If you are from one or more of these groups, then please contact us if you would be interested in a career in Technology, Finance or Consulting.

Our programme is delivered in English and French and includes virtual sessions and in person sessions, so you do not need to be based in Paris.

Additional benefits include:

  • Events and networking

  • Application and Interview guidance

  • Training and Insights.

Some additional activities included are: CV workshops, interviews and cover letter clinics, personal branding workshops, presentations skills, LinkedIn training and English lessons and much more.

Sessions are run by the sponsor firms, SEO London alumni, external coaches and SEO London staff.

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SEO London CEO, Nathalie Richards

“Si tu es ambitieux, que tu espères trouver une opportunité dans une entreprise élite, élargir ton réseau professionnel ou tout simplement être coaché pour t’aider dans ta réussite, notre programme est fait pour toi ! J’étais à ta place il y a 20 ans, et grâce à un de nos programmes, j’ai pu lancer une carrière dans la finance et le conseil. Je suis maintenant heureuse d’être la PDG de cette superbe organisation, et avec mon équipe, nous serons ravis de pouvoir t’aider à réaliser tes rêves professionnels”


For more information, please contact:

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