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Giving Back is built into the fabric of SEO London programmes and alumni community. Through volunteering with SEO London or other affiliated causes, participants and alumni benefit as individuals and amplify the reach and impact of the charity.  


  1. Enhanced Employability:

    Volunteering helps participants stand out to employers. SEO London encourages participants to find volunteering opportunities that develop employability skills and provide tangible experience for their internship and job applications.  

  2. A virtuous cycle of knowledge-sharing:

    SEO London participants benefit from authentic, up-to-date sector and career insights through event volunteers and mentors who have walked in their shoes. Third-year participants and alumni enrich SEO London programmes by directly sharing their experiences, creating a unique virtuous cycle of knowledge exchange that defines SEO London. 


  3. Cumulative Impact:

    Giving back has a cumulative effect that helps SEO London do more with limited funds. If every person SEO London helps, helps others, the charity dramatically increases its ability.


Participants and alumni can contribute to the SEO London vision and mission in various ways. They are encouraged to propose innovative ways they can support.  


In 2024 SEO London expects all participants starting a programme to volunteer for a minimum of 10 hours by the September or April that occurs two academic terms after their programme completes.   


Examples of Giving Back:  


  • Mentoring 

  • Assisting with Application/Interview Preparation 

  • Speaking at events or assisting with logistics 

  • Promoting SEO London on their university campus 

  • Participating in SEO Champions (our participant board) 

  • Supporting Fundraising Activities 

  • Volunteering as a Tutor for a Young Person with a Tutoring Charity 

  • Running a University Society 

Explore our "Get Involved" page for more volunteering opportunities and ways to make a meaningful impact. 

Why give back?

"During my degree studies at the University of Leicester, I was part of a youth organisation that insisted that we give back. And I’m eternally grateful that they gave me this push. I led the African Caribbean Society which was my very first leadership position and involved helping the Black students on campus as well as organising charity and social events including our massive Christmas gala. I learnt so much and met many interesting people, so by the time I joined Accenture as a project manager I had many of the people, organisational and influencing skills that I needed to succeed. Now two decades later, as CEO I want to ensure that all our participants can give back and make a difference to others while building their own skills. I hope that your experience is as life changing as mine was." 

Nathalie Richards, CEO  of SEO London


"I want to give back by volunteering at SEO London, where I can help students learn about finance and banking industries and assist them with job applications and career guidance.​"


SEO Champion 

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