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SEO London outreach efforts are guided by our data-driven strategy. With a focus on building relationships with student societies, universities organisations, and other charities across the UK, we aim to reach as many diverse students as possible and make sure they’re aware of the world-class support and opportunities available at SEO London. 

Two main networks currently comprise SEO London’s outreach strategy: The Student Societies Network, and The Campus Ambassadors Network. With a burgeoning team of French ambassadors, our outreach network now covers over 900 miles from St Andrews to Antibes


Launched in the Autumn of 2021, SEO London’s Campus Ambassador programme is an opportunity for the charity to have presence on campus while engaging our candidates in various outreach activities. All our ambassadors are enthusiastic volunteering SEO London candidates who fully prescribe to our notions of the virtuous cycle and the importance of giving back.  

We work closely with our ambassadors to improve their professional skills and achieve their personal development goals. With three different Ambassador types, our ambassadors have flexibility and freedom in the work they do. 

Campus Ambassador – The first point of contact for many potential SEO Candidates. Promoting SEO London and our opportunities, attending events and distributing promotional material

Networking Ambassador – Connecting SEO London with student societies and university staff. Helping the outreach team find out relevant events that are occurring on campus 

Online Ambassador – Supporting SEO London by creating an engaging presence on social media, sharing our content and opportunities with students that need it the most.  

If you are an SEO Candidate and are interested in becoming an ambassador, please email our Ambassador Coordinator Ummi at   


This academic year we are focusing on strengthening our relationships with student societies across the UK, expanding our reach and impact to ensure as many diverse students as possible are receiving our support and bettering their chances at a fruitful career in the industries we work with. 

Partnering with student societies allows SEO London to deliver targeted and tailored events to student groups on a whole range of topics from: industry specific workshops, CV clinics, diversity & inclusion talks, and more. 

In addition to providing connections to world-leading firms, our network creates the opportunity for societies across the UK to partner up and collaborate with one another, expanding their own network and member base. 


11.09.2023 -  Coventry University

12.09.2023 - Brunel University 

13.09.2023 - Birmingham City University

15.09.2023 - University of Greenwich

15.09.2023 - University of Salford

19.09.2023 - University of Manchester

19.09.2023 - Aston University

20.09.2023 - Kingston University

20.09.2023 - Canterbury Christ Church University

20.09.2023 - Nottingham Trent University

20.09.2023 - Middlesex University

21.09.2023 - University of Kent

21.09.2023 - Queen Mary University, UoL

22.09.2023 - University of Bristol

25.09.2023 - University of Warwick

25.09.2023 - University of Bolton

26.09.2023 - De Montford University

26.09.2023 - Manchester Metropolitan University

27.09.2023 - University of Nottingham

29.09.2023 - University of Hertfordshire

06.10.2023 - Imperial College London

04.10.2023 - University of East London

12.10.2023 - London South Bank University

08.11.2023 - University of Sussex and University of Brighton Careers Fair


University of Cambridge

- Student Investment Fund Society
- African Caribbean Society 

Imperial College London

- African Caribbean Society 
University College London

- Asset Management Society
- Consulting Society

- Business Society- Real Estate Society
University of Manchester

- BA Econ Society

- Data Science Society

- Trading and Investment Society (MUTIS)
University of Warwick

- Warwick Business School Society WBSS
- Warwick Economics Society
- Warwick Hedge Fund Society

- Warwick Bar Society
University of York

- Investment and Finance Society

- Consulting Society

- York Law Society

University of Exeter

- Exeter Student Investment Fund 


- One Scotland

University of Glasgow

- Trading and Investment Club

University of Bristol

- Real Estate Society

- Women in Finance Society

University of Exeter

-  Exeter Student Investment Fund Society

University of Leeds

- Leeds Union Trading and Investment Society LUUTIS
- Women in Leadership Society

- African Caribbean Society 

- Data Science Society

University of Nottingham

- Nottingham Economics & Finance Society NEFS

- CompSoc Society

University of Sheffield

-  BAME in Engineering

University of Southampton

- Lawyers Without Borders

University of Sussex

- African Caribbean Society

Queen Mary University of London

- Banking and Finance Society

If you are a student society leader and would like to discuss partnership with SEO London, please email



Ray Shami

Head of Outreach & Communications

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Margo Lorusso

Programme Manager - SEO Europe

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Ummi Ahmed

Outreach Coordinator

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Sanjeev Gangar

Marketing Officer

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Eva-Maria Matzka

Marketing Manager

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Aqilah Vawda

Senior Outreach Coordinator 

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Geraldine Withey

Outreach Manager

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Alexander Castillo Gonzalez


Administrative Officer

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