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Impact on our university students



More than 800 young people secured highly competitive summer internships, vacation schemes and graduate roles at over 100 of our sponsor firms and beyond. 

99% of respondents reported an increased understanding of specific competitive industries and how they operate. 


 95% of respondents reported an increased aptitude in skills needed for careers in competitive industries.  


96% of respondents said they expanded their professional networks with SEO London. 

Impact on our SEO Schools students

SEO Schools students were 1.9 times more likely to secure a place at university in 2022 students than a matched control group, according to UCAS. 

Impact on SEO Alumni

Within three months of graduating:


of alumni with graduate roles thought that SEO London had helped secure them 


of alumni with jobs were earning a salary of £50k or over

Download Our Full 2022-2023 Impact Report Here

"SEO London introduced me to like-minded individuals within my cohort, as well as allowing me to meet industry professionals that gave me a real insight into what working in industry entails. It has exposed me to worlds that I would otherwise never have been able to make contact with and taught me how to conduct myself in professional environments, making me a more confident individual."

2022-2023 Participant

Download our Impact Report

Who we supported
in 2022-2023 

We worked with more than 3,900 young people from underrepresented backgrounds who took part in our employability skills and internship training support.


90% of participants were from ethnic minority backgrounds 


53% of participants were from low socioeconomic backgrounds 


45% of participants were women

Who we supported

"For SEO London I have only heartfelt gratitude for the transformative experience I’ve had through the organisation. Being personally invited to various sponsor firm events was an incredible privilege that opened doors to unparalleled opportunities. The journey from attending panel events and Lunch and Learns, to engaging in person at these exclusive gatherings, was nothing short of inspiring.
Through SEO London, I had the honour of meeting a diverse array of professionals, from junior to senior bankers, forming meaningful connections that have significantly shaped my career path. These interactions weren’t just about networking; they were about building relationships with individuals who shared insights, guidance, and unwavering support.


What set SEO London apart was the inclusivity and support felt at every turn. The SEO team went above and beyond to ensure that every participant, myself included, felt empowered and supported throughout the journey of exploring various opportunities. The camaraderie established with fellow attendees and the professionals encountered along the way made the entire experience more enriching and fulfilling. The exposure gained through these events was invaluable. It allowed me to gain a deep understanding of the industry even before securing my first offers for work experience at certain firms. The insights shared, the advice given, and the connections made have been instrumental in my professional growth and development. I cannot emphasise enough how deeply appreciative I am for the exposure, guidance, and opportunities provided by SEO London and the sponsor firms involved.


My hope is that everyone, regardless of background or circumstance, has the chance to experience the same level of support and encouragement that I was fortunate enough to receive. Thank you, SEO London, for being an invaluable catalyst in my journey towards a successful and fulfilling career. I am forever grateful for the doors you’ve opened and the connections you’ve facilitated."

Esther, SEO Careers Participant (Finance)
Esther is a second year undergraduate and has secured an internship with Moelis in investment banking and restructuring which will begin in summer 2024.

"Beyond Barriers has given me the opportunity to really connect with other graduates who have been in a similar position in terms of seeking employment after graduation. Having had workshops ranging from interview skills and navigating LinkedIn as well as networking with employees from Barclays has been amazing; I was able to gain an insight that I couldn’t have obtained elsewhere.”

Beyond Barriers
Participant, 2023 cohort

Our Work 2022-2023

Our work in 2022-2023 



Delivered in partnership with 150 sponsor firms over 9 industry areas

hours of

education programmes


Untitled design (2).png

Over 3,900 young people from underrepresented backgrounds took part in our employability skills and internship training support


Participants were studying across 103 UK universities


hours of

training programmes

"Coming from a low socioeconomic background, the SEO Schools programme [Empower] ensured I was not another statistic. They provided me with the foundations to enter the corporate world, which I later combined to secure a summer internship at only 18, with a top insurance firm."

2022-2023 Participant

How did our participants think SEO London helped them?


98%  of respondents felt that SEO London's support was credible and reliable


97% of respondents felt a sense of belonging at our events


95% of respondents were enabled to visualise themselves working in competitive industries.

Esther (2)_edited.jpg

"SEO London stands as the bedrock of my career ascent. The organisation’s
commitment to my success was evident through comprehensive CV and interview workshops, enlightening information seminars, and exclusive access that elevated my standing beyond my peers. These invaluable resources, coupled with the nurturing environment, transformed my trajectory.


But the magic doesn’t dwindle postgraduation; it amplifies. SEO London extends a lifeline with a plethora of post-graduate events and workshops, providing an exclusive gateway to industry-leading companies. The chance to rub shoulders with fellow alumni, sans the elusive “old boys” network, is a game-changer.


What truly sets SEO London apart is its ability to create an ecosystem where success is not just encouraged but inevitable. The journey isn’t just about career opportunities; it’s a holistic experience that transcends conventional mentorship. In the intricate dance of career development, SEO London orchestrates the moves that transform
aspirations into reality. I now work for UKGI, which is huge. I didn’t think I could get here before SEO kick-started my career."

Chun, SEO Alumnus Class of 2017
Corporate Finance Manager,
UK Government Investments

Theory of Change

SEO London’s Theory of Change 

This is our roadmap for driving outcomes and impact. We use our Theory of Change as a blueprint to review, evaluate and continually improve our programmes. 

Download Our Full 2022-2023 Impact Report Here
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