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To see the positive impact that SEO London creates in our candidates’ lives is great, but none of it would have been possible without the help and involvement of our alumni and supporters. Our candidates are now, more than ever, in need for support and advice from alumni who come from similar backgrounds and who have been through similar circumstances. This is why we have created this volunteering programme with a wide variety of activities and ways to assist our candidates and give back to the charity and the community.


Give back, teach and help us build a strong community of capable SEO London candidates and alumni! 


  • Mock interviews
    Support a student by building their confidence in a virtual interview. Run through some of the classic warm up, competency and strength-based questions and give encouraging feedback and tips for strengthening their answers.


  • Alumni Buddy-up
    Befriend a junior SEO London alum and exchange expertise and knowledge with them. Help them plan their career path, and introduce them to your network. Keep them updated on opportunities in your firm and help them with the application. 


  • Application Review
    Increase a candidate’s chances in securing an internship or a grad role through providing them with application guidance. This low time commitment volunteering role will make a difference in many candidates’ career search, and will help make the corporate world more diverse.


  • Training
    SEO London has been known for delivering high quality training to our candidates. We collaborate with our alumni and supporters to provide the most relevant training and keep our candidates up-to-date with the most recent practices. We encourage our alumni and supporters to take part in these practices and share their knowledge with the new generation.


  • Mentoring
    This role involves guiding your mentee throughout their career journey. Help them improve their decision-making, problem-solving and communication skills. Support them with applications, mock interviews and confidence building. Meet once a month or more to answer your mentee’s questions, and see how you can support them achieve their career goals. 


  • Affinity Group Ambassador
    Our industry ambassadors support our activities within our sponsor firms. Become our point of contact within your firm, and cascade SEO news to other SEO alumni within your company. Connect with new SEO London alumni joining your company and help them feel valued within your organization, introducing them to other like-minded alumni and helping them make connections.


  • Guest speaker/panellist 
    Throughout their journey with SEO London, candidates are kept up-to-date on the market and the most recent practices through our programmes and events. We are always on the lookout for guest speakers or panellists willing to share their knowledge and perspectives on certain trends or subjects to enrich our candidates’ knowledge and experience.


  • Running and hosting events
    Suggest and run career or social events that you would like to run with SEO London’s alumni or candidates. If you can also provide a space to host these events, that’s even better! The events can provide new perspectives and information to our candidates or alumni, or they can simply be networking events. 


  • Donating
    SEO London is a charity that delivers high quality training to candidates from underrepresented backgrounds for free. Support our charity with donations to make sure we can reach out to and support more people around the UK. 


  • Fundraising
    Help us raise funds for our charity through spreading the word about SEO London, organising fundraising events, and supporting with any fundraising initiatives we or our partner firms run. 


  • Firm ambassador
    Represent your firm at our events, and let our candidates know about your firm, the work culture, and the sector. Invite us and our candidates to a field visit to your office to have a closer look on how your company is run. 


  • Campus recruitment
    Accompany our outreach team on campuses around the UK to talk to students about your experience with SEO London and the charity helped guide you during your career journey. Talk to them about your sector and firm, and encourage them to sign up with SEO London to receive the support they need to excel in their domains.


  • Schools recruitment 
    Accompany the Schools team on field trips to schools to talk to our secondary school students about your sector. This will help them make a better decision when deciding what to study at university and what career they would like to pursue. 


  • Other (please provide details) 
    You have other ways of supporting and volunteering with us? Get in touch! 



  • Strengthen our candidates’ confidence

  • Increase their chances in securing a position in the corporate sector

  • Help our partner firms achieve better diversity and inclusion goals

  • Help you pay your community back

  • Help SEO London reach out to students who need our programmes and services the most around the UK


Simply fill in this volunteering form and we'll take it from there


  1. Through our online portal: If you have access to our online portal, you will be able to sign up to volunteering opportunities.

  2. Through our monthly alumni/supporter newsletter. We add any upcoming opportunities to our monthly newsletter, and we provide a link to sign up.

  3. Email: reach out to us on and we’ll let you know what’s available!

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