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These short multi-day programmes will provide you with an introductory insight into the corporate industry and the roles within. You will be able to understand more about your chosen industry and roles within, as well as hear directly from industry professionals.


Spring Intos are shorter programmes to introduce participants to a competitive sector and help visualise the career paths available within the industry. We encourage our participants to engage with more than one Spring Into programme as they start to build their ambitions for their future. 

What is it?

Over the programme participants will:  

-  See the industry brought to life and increase awareness of what the industry has to offer  

-  Reflect on which career paths within in the industry could be a good fit  

-  Get a head start on application season preparation 

-  Start building knowledge needed to create standout applications 

-  Explore the specialist skills required to succeed in these career paths 

-  Increase chances of securing a Spring Week in relevant sectors 

What does the programme include?  

-  Interactive panel discussions with SEO alumni and Industry Leaders  

-  Firm and industry leader exposure  

-  Easily digestible content to learn about the industry  

-  Opportunities to ask questions  

-  Start building the peer and industry network connections needed for career success 

-  Support to begin internship applications 

Spring Into programmes are a first-step in career preparation. We encourage all Spring Into participants who do not secure a Spring Week conversion to attend one of the intensive industry-focussed SEO academies to deepen industry knowledge and build their employability skills.  


Our opportunities are for students willing to engage actively and professionally, adhere to the SEO London code of conduct and give back through volunteering.  

The Spring Into programme is targeted at students in their first year or the second year of a
4-year course. 

Who is it for?
Spring into table.png

Joshua Diri - Spring into Finance 

"The programme was pivotal in building my understanding into how the financial sector is divided into its various parts, and furthermore, the different roles and opportunities available. After attending, I had a diverse and rich repertoire of knowledge gained from inspiring professionals and insights into the career pathways in each compartment of the financial industry. Equipped with that knowledge, my energy was expended in a much more focused and efficient way, something which cannot be overlooked through the long process." 



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