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Samin Hoque, first year Aerospace engineering student, Queen Mary University, London.

2021 Cohort of the SEO Advance programme.

I was born in Italy and came here when I was six years old, and I am the first person in my family to be attending university.

I found out about SEO London at my secondary school, where I was told that SEO London selected students from low socio-economic backgrounds and encouraged us to be part of the programme, they thought it would be helpful for me. Which it was!

The SEO Advance programme has helped me in many ways, starting with meeting new people, developing my communication skills, my presentation skills, and my confidence in general.

I was a very shy person going in the programme, but I have noticed a meaningful change throughout the years, all thanks to the events and activities organised by the programme. Some of these included visiting places I never imagined I'd ever go to such as the Barclays building in Canary Wharf, BlackRock, Freshfields and Cambridge and Oxford universities.

I also got a work experience placement which helped me decide what career I would like to pursue, as well as giving weight to my personal statement when applying for those careers. During the programme I was also paired up with a mentor, currently working in the industry, who was always available to support me and guide me when in need.

Although most events and opportunities were tailored for students interested in career paths such as Banking, Law, Finance and Consulting, I still found great benefit in the programme, as it helped me evaluate which career path is most suited to me and was able to take away an array of transferrable skills which have helped me and will help me in the future to get to the position I am in, studying Aerospace engineering.


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