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SEO London supports you to secure career success through quality programmes and holistic support. You may also be recommended to firms based on your behaviour and performance on the programme. We encourage you to treat every experience with SEO London as an opportunity to build your career prospects and further develop your professional persona. 


We expect everyone to abide by the SEO London Code of Conduct which is designed to ensure a positive and productive experience for all. If there are any challenges meeting these expectations, promptly communicate with the programme team to disclose the issue and any necessary support. Failure to adhere to the Code of Conduct could risk future access to SEO London opportunities and our alumni offer. 


We aim to provide a safe environment free from discrimination, upholding and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion. We will do everything we can to provide a safe and caring environment whilst you engage with our activities. If you have concerns about the welfare of yourself or others, or observe behaviours from any member of staff, volunteer or peer that contravene the behaviours outlined in the code of conduct, please raise this with a member of staff or ask for the Designating Safeguarding Lead. Do not keep concerns confidential.  


By joining SEO London as registrant, you are agreeing to:

Participate fully

  • Attend all events if you sign up or are invited.  

  • Actively engage in sessions; complete the tasks, ask questions and engage in discussions whether online or in-person.  

  • Add SEO London to your Linked In profile or CV only when instructed by the SEO London team that you have met the attendance requirements.  

Note: If you are not able to attend an event for any reason, please let the programme team know immediately and be prepared to justify your absence.

Behave professionally 

  • Respond to emails within two working days and meet deadlines.  

  • Treat staff, partner firms, peers and volunteers with respect. Discrimination, bullying, harassment, and victimisation are never tolerated. 

  • Use language that is appropriate within a professional environment. Threatening, abusive or insulting language are never tolerated. 

  • Use social media responsibly, and ensure views are expressed as your own.  Inappropriate posts linked to SEO London or a firm are unacceptable and pose a risk to your career and the reputation of associated organisations.  

  • Refrain from using websites/resources or sending messages that could hurt or upset. 

  • Use the SEO London WhatsApp for opportunities. It is not for social purposes. 

  • Ensure work is your own; plagiarism and misuse of artificial intelligence is unacceptable.  

Note: To protect the privacy, confidentiality, and intellectual property of our partner firms, please refrain from sharing any photographs, videos or citations of people and content unless reposting official posts. Please do not connect with students under 18.  

At all times:

For events:

  • Arrive on time for all sessions.  

  • Dress professionally as you would in an office environment.  

  • Bring your own note-taking materials. 

  • Avoid using your mobile phone during sessions. Texts and calls should be made during breaks.  

  • Turn on your camera during online events and blur backgrounds. 

  • Treat the venue and all resources with respect.  

Give back

  • Volunteer or support others as part of our Giving Back initiative. 

  • Support your peers to feel safe and share their perspectives.  Seek to understand different viewpoints and ideas. Share your own so others can learn.   

  • Complete impact and feedback surveys promptly so we can understand and improve the impact of our programmes. 

  • Report back to our team on the offers you have received and your career progress so we can support you and understand our impact. 

  • Share with firms how SEO London supported you. It helps us to secure funding and support when firms hear about our impact firsthand.  

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