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Ever wondered what it might be like to work at the global business and finance leader, Bloomberg?

Then join us as we explore with SEO alumna, Kemi Talabi, as she gives us the inside view! 

Name: Kemi Talabi  

Job: Fixed Income Specialist Bloomberg Analytics  

Office: Bloomberg, London  

Hi Kemi! Can you tell us a little about how you started your career at Bloomberg?  

I attended an SEO London careers event in my second year of university. At the time, I’d never heard of Bloomberg, but at the event I discovered more about the company.  

I then applied for a spring insight week, which introduces students to the company, its culture and what a career in Analytics & Sales can look like. Afterwards, I took part in the Bloomberg Analytics summer internship, which went well and ended in a full-time job offer.  

What is your job now and where is it based? 

My current role is as an advanced fixed income representative in Bloomberg’s analytics department, which is responsible for assisting our fixed income clients – such as credit traders and portfolio managers. The role is based in Bloomberg’s European headquarters, located in the City of London.  

What would you say are the key characteristics of someone who does your job?

The key characteristics for my role are good problem-solving skills and a lot of patience, as well as the ability to learn quickly. 

What’s the one thing about Bloomberg which you most love? 

I really love how accessible everyone is to you, from leaders and managers to your fellow teammates – everyone is just a message (or an ‘Instant Bloomberg’) away.  

Is there anything you couldn't live without in your office? 

I couldn’t live without the tea options in the office. I always start my day with a kick from a ginger or turmeric tea – it makes me feel productive and healthy.  

Do you have one piece of advice for fellow alumni who want to come and join you in a career at Bloomberg? 

I would advise getting to know the values of Bloomberg, alongside your other interview preparations. The company takes pride in its philanthropic work and all employees are encouraged to volunteer too. Showing your understanding of what Bloomberg stands for can really highlight your enthusiasm for the role.  


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