Our Story


Our story begins in New York in 1963. Inner city kids from underprivileged backgrounds face limited opportunities and, often, underperforming school systems. Students look for role models and support to achieve their aspirations.

New Yorker Michael Osheowitz is committed to the vision that ambition and intelligence – not zip codes or skin colour – should determine who succeeds. At age 24, he founds Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) as a mentoring programme to help underserved students gain admission to competitive colleges and universities.



SEO New York launches the Career Programme, the first summer internship programme for under-represented college students on Wall Street. In a pioneering diversity initiative, eleven summer interns are placed at five investment banks.




SEO London is founded by SEO New York Career alumnus, Andrew Fairbairn. Andrew moves to London with a leading investment bank and witnesses the same opportunity to increase workplace diversity using the SEO New York model. That summer, 7 interns start at 5 major investment banks.



In the UK

SEO London’s scale has increased significantly across its three flagship programmes, SEO Careers, SEO Scholars and SEO Connect.

SEO London’s Careers Programme partners with over 50 sponsor firms across eight leading industries and has supported several thousand alumni into internships and graduate roles since 2000.

SEO Scholars provided hundreds of students with comprehensive training, mentoring and work experience.

SEO Connect connects our outstanding professionals with experienced job opportunities not just in the UK, but also Africa and Asia.

In the US

In the US

SEO USA is considered one of the most innovative and successful educational, career training and professional development programmes for high school and college students of colour in America. SEO USA’s Career Programme now has over 12,000 alumni and supports students into leading industries such as consulting, investment banking and corporate law.

SEO USA’s founding program, is now SEO Scholars, a rigorous eight-year out-of-school academic program that begins in the 9th grade and continues through college graduation.

SEO Africa


Driven by SEO alumni leadership, the SEO movement is growing across the globe, with the establishment of SEO Africa, SEO China and SEO Vietnam.

The Team

Andrew Fairbairn

Chief Executive Officer & Founder, SEO London

SEO New York Class of: 1995

Qualifications: BA Economics at Stanford University, MA International Development Policy at Stanford University.

Professional Experience: Managing Principal at Fairbairn Ventures, Founding Partner at JVKelly Group Inc., Vice President at Deutsche Bank.

Top career tip: Trusted relationships matter. Develop mentors, sponsors and protégés as you develop your skills and experience and you'll be amazed at how far you can go.


Ben Okolie

Head of Finance

Qualifications: AAT, ACCA

Professional Experience: 15 years' experience as Senior Financial Accountant in the non-profit sector.

Top career tipPerserverance is key!

Mursal Nabizadeh

Finance Officer

Qualifications: BA Accounting and Finance (Hons), London South Bank University, F1-9 ACCA, AAT Qualification, North West Kent College.

Professional Experience: Accounts/Finance Assistant and Account Payable.

Top career tip: Failure is a part of everyone's life, but don't let your failures bring you down to giving up. Instead, use them as a platform to motivate yourself to success!

Namrata Shanbhag

Director of Operations and Schools Programme

Qualifications: BA Mathematics at Mount Holyoke College, BE Bio-medical Engineering at Dartmouth College, USA.

Professional Experience: Programme Manager at SEO London, Associate at Goldman Sachs.

Top career tip: Build relationships!

Sanae Elmed

Programme Coordinator Schools & Operations

Qualifications: BA (Hons) Politics and Sociology, University of Sussex.

Professional Experience: School Co-ordinator at Upward Bound.

Top career tip: Show off your best qualities in all of your professional interactions.

Dumi Senda

Contractor, Campus Attraction

Qualifications: BA International Relations & Peace Studies at Leeds Beckett University, MSc African Studies at University of Oxford.

Professional Experience: Internationally recognised Diversity & Inclusion expert, with over a decade of experience working with International organisations such as the UN as well as grassroots organisations on strategies and frameworks for racial, ethnic, gender and other forms of equality. Motivational speaker, Author and Award-winning Poet.

Top career tip: When you have reached your comfort zone, put a stone in your shoe and grow!

Chang Yate Tan

Programme Manager, IB & AM, Corporates, Consulting & Engineering

SEO London Class of: 2005

Qualifications: BSc Economics at London School of Economics.

Professional Experience: Structured Credit Trading Associate at Lehman Brothers, Front Office Risk Management VP at Nomura.

Top career tip: Networking is key - build your network early on and don’t be afraid to ask for help – if you never ask, the answer will always be no.


Shingai Masenda

Programme Co-ordinator Corporates, Consulting & Engineering

Qualifications: MSc Infomation Technology with Business and Management, Sussex University 

Professional Experience: Fundraising assistant for Glen Lorne Orphans and Destitude Programme

Top career tip: It's not what you achieve, it's what you overcome. That's what defines your career.


Jess Wallis

Programme Co-ordinator Schools

Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Psychology, University of Portsmouth.

Professional Experience: School Engagement Coordinator at Education and Employers, working with both primary and secondary schools on their career engagement.

Top career tip: Aim high!

Sandra Ofori-Forbes

Campus and Marketing Outreach Coordinator



Qualifications: BA Hons in Sociology and Media at Sussex University

Professional experience: Restaurant Partnership Representative at Uber Eats

Top Career Tip: Always believe in your talent, knowledge and uniqueness!




Dillan Vyas

Alumni & Data Manager

Qualifications: BSc Business and Management studies, University of Sussex.

Professional Experience: Work experience with Investec in London. Worked for an export, import company in multiple cities in China, including Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

Top career tip: Hard work leads to success.

Nana Ashford Afful

Senior Programme Co-ordinator, Investment Banking and Asset Management

Qualifications: Pharmacutical and Cosmetics Science, De Montfort University.

Professional Experience: Customer Care Officer for Central North West London NHS service.

Top career tip: Ensure you follow the three Bs that build experiences and relationships for a successful career – Be curious by asking questions, Be adaptable to add value to yourself and your team and Be visible by being on people’s radar.

Rahina Begum

HerCapital Programme Manager & Banking Senior Coordinator

Qualifications: BA (Hons) History, Queen Mary University.

Professional Experience: Worked within the education sector with pupils in Year 5 and 6 and as a Corporate Social Responsibility Associate at Mitsubishi UFG and Liberty Specialty Markets.

Top career tip: Let your work speak volumes about you and always be eager to learn.

Julie Quist-Therson

Programme Manager, Corporate Law and City Solicitors Horizons

Qualifications: BA Hons French with Linguistics, King’s College, University of London; LLM International Economic Law with Justice and Development, Birkbeck College, University of London.

Professional Experience: Project Coordinator and Caseworker with the UKBA and UNHCR Gateway Project, Recruitment Consultant at third sector recruitment specialists Harris Hill, sourcing talent and undertaking projects to and beyond set targets.

Top career tip: Strive for excellence, be yourself and be open to bold new opportunities.


Nicole Thornton

Programme Co-ordinator, Corporate Law

Qualifications: BA History, University of Birmingham.

Top Career Tip: Don't limit your challenges - challenge your limits.

Tosin Ilemobola

Programme Coordinator, Investment Banking and Asset Management

Qualifications: LLB Law Degree

Professional Experience: Youth Programme Leader and Community Logistics Manager at the National Citizens Service

Top career tip: Build good relationships, treat everyone with kindness and always be humble, you never know who may be of help in the future.

Demi Cole

Junior Programme Co-ordinator, Corporate Law

Qualifications: BA Philosophy, University of Cambridge; Graduate Diploma in Law, BPP University 

Professional Experience: Admissions Officer at Colfe’s School, Future Trainee Solicitor at Baker McKenzie

Top career tip: Don’t be disheartened by failure. Keep trying! 

Raheela Shah

Programme Coordinator, Corporate Law

Qualifications: BA (hons) Religion, Philosophy and Ethics from King's College London

Professional Experience: I worked in communications at The Faith and Belief Forum, then at Mind Gym on their philanthropic offering as Parent Gym Programme Coordinator, handling the logistics of a term-based face to face programme for parents.

Top career tip: There is no "perfect career path", so don't be afraid to change pace or take a different route, as you may find yourself at a better destination than you expected.


The Board

Michael Osheowitz

Founder of SEO & Chairman Emeritus

Qualifications: Middlebury College

Professional Experience: Chairman Emeritus at Edwin Gould Foundation, President at Arthur Schmidt & Associates Inc.

Randolph Sesson Jr.

Chairman of the Board of SEO London, Managing Partner at Blackbird Capital Partners

SEO New York Class of: 1984

Qualifications: BA History at Yale University and MBA at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Professional Experience: Head of European Transportation/Senior Advisor at Evercore, Managing Director and Head of European Transportation and Infrastructure, Investment Banking Division at Morgan Stanley, Managing Director and Head of European Transportation, Investment Banking Division at Goldman Sachs.

Top Career Tip: Relationships are everything. People who know you and like you, will help you. Get to know your junior and senior colleagues as they will become your best mentors.

Mutuma Marangu

Director, SEO London, Investor in Natural Resources

SEO New York Class of: 1983

Qualifications: Phil Economics & Politics of Development at Cambridge University, MBA at Wharton Business School. 

Professional Experience: Financial Analyst at Morgan Stanley, Commodity Trader at Phillip Bros Inc, Market Analyst at Glencore.

Zoe Ashcroft

Director, SEO London, Founding Partner and Head of Corporate & Finance, Winston & Strawn LLP

Qualifications: Bristol University (LLB Hons) at College of Law Guildford, Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales, Solicitor of the High Court of Hong Kong.

Professional Experience: Partner and member of the Global Executive Committee at Winston & Strawn LLP, Trustee at The Climate Group (not-for-profit), Partner and Head of Business & Finance London at Morgan, Lewis and Bockius LLP, Associate at Turner Kenneth Brown (London and Hong Kong).

Top Career Tip: Seek out and absorb as broad an experience as you can. Think internationally, think laterally and always thank people for their efforts. 

Ausaf Abbas

Director, SEO London

Qualifications: BSc Economics at London School of Economics, MSc Economics at London School of Economics.

Professional Experience: Managing Director at Coombe Advisors, Head of Sales and Marketing at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management, Head of the EMEA Global Private Client group at Merrill Lynch.

Nishi Somaiya

Director, SEO London, Partner at Goldman Sachs

SEO London Class of: 2000

Qualifications: BA Politics, Philosophy & Economics at Oxford University, CFA.

Professional Experience: Partner and Head of Private Capital at Goldman Sachs.

Mohit K. Agarwal

Director SEO London, Chief Risk & Strategy Officer at Plutos Sama LLC, MD at Distressed Capital Management

SEO London Class of: 2000

Qualifications: BA & MEng Information Engineering at Cambridge University, CFA.

Professional Experience: Chief Risk & Strategy Officer at Plutos Sama LLC, Managing Director at Distressed Capital Management, Director at Deutsche Bank. Previously at UBS and JPMorgan.  

Devesh Shah

SEO USA Liaison to the Board of SEO London; Writer, Father, Educator, Retired Partner of Goldman Sachs & Co

SEO London Class of1995

QualificationsBA, Applied Mathematics & Finance, Indiana University

Professional ExperienceCo-Inventor of the VIX Volatility Index, Managing Director and Partner at Goldman Sachs & Co, Managing Director at NWI Management LLC, Youtube Channel: Understanding Personal Finance; Former Board Member of SEO New York 2010 to 2016

Top Career Tip: Dive deep into any one thing. Make it your own. Become the best in the world in that one thing. Don’t forget to take risk and make mistakes along the way.

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