• michaeldwyer38

Why Care? SEO London's Andrew Fairbairn on Creating Equity

To ignore reality for as long as people have is a cultural illness, quite frankly – a delusion.

Why Care? has become a go-to source of valuable advice in the field of diversity, inclusion, and belonging since its launch in May 2020. In their latest episode, SEO London's CEO and founder, Andrew Fairbairn, joins Nadia Nagamootoo to discuss how leaders can better create equity in their businesses.

Andrew covers the intersectionality of race and socioeconomic background, and how these two factors can hold back talented young people from achieving the professional careers they seek. He goes on to discuss how SEO London is taking on that challenge by working with industry leaders, and helping young people get important placements that can cement their careers for years to come.

The Why Care? podcast can be listened to on all major podcast services, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.