KKR Private Equity Graduate Analyst

Company/ Firm Name

KEA Consultants/KKR


London, UK

Published Date

14 July 2022

About the job:

Application deadline: Friday 22nd July

About the Fund

KKR is one of the world’s largest, oldest, and most successful Alternative Asset Managers. The firm was founded in 1976 as a Private Equity investor focused on Management Buy-outs, with particular emphasis on achieving long-term growth in their portfolio by actively engaging as board members of the businesses. Since those early days the scope of KKR’s PE activities have increased significantly, both in terms of deal size and deal type, but the fundamental approach remains the same. KKR is committed to working closely with its portfolio companies, and the opportunity for long-term value creation is only enhanced by the diversity of KKR’s business: in their own words, “all of KKR goes to work on behalf of the investment”, whether it be the Public Markets business, Capital Markets & Principal Activities, KKR Capstone, their Public Affairs team, or their extensive network of senior advisors, operational experts, and business contacts.

KKR has separate teams responsible for a wide array of investment activities, including, on the Private Side:

• Private Equity

• Energy and Infrastructure

• Real Estate

• Growth Equity

• Healthcare Strategic Growth

• Impact and Sustainability

• Private Credit – direct lending, junior debt, mezzanine strategies, typically with a higher return threshold than the liquid credit side.

and on the public side:

• Liquid Credit (formerly Avoca Capital) – investing in high-yield, senior loans and other low risk debt.

• Special Situations

• Hedge Fund Strategies – constructing and managing customized hedge fund portfolios made up of the leading, niche fund managers in each strategy

KKR also has its own Capital Markets capability, offering capital markets advice and developing and implementing both traditional and non-traditional capital solutions for investments and companies seeking financing.

European Private Equity

The Private Equity team now has a portfolio of over 115 companies across 16 different sectors and in 21 different countries. In total, the portfolio companies employ over 900,000 people and their combined revenue equates to around $240bn.

KKR are one of the few large-cap funds that run their European operations separately from the US, making their investments in the region from a dedicated fund. They raised European Fund III of €4.7bn in 2008, European Fund IV of €3.5bn in 2015, European Fund V in 2020 of €5.8bn and are anticipated to raise European Fund VI later this year well in excess of Fund V.

The Role

A PE Graduate will be involved with all aspects of the private equity investment cycle, learning how to source, identify and evaluate potential investments; learning how to due diligence potential investments as well as negotiations, financing, structuring and closing transactions as part of a wider team. The Graduate will also learn how to develop, monitor and implement improvements in portfolio companies and interact with the firm’s investors, clients and limited partners.

A Graduate will initially work as a generalist across industries under the guidance of more senior investors in the KKR team, and over time transition into one of the industry groups or regional sectors.

A Graduate’s primary responsibilities will be learning and following the dynamics of the industries covered; building relationships with management teams, senior advisors, external advisors and industry experts; identifying attractive investment themes and opportunities; gathering and synthesizing industry and market data; extensive analysis on potential investments, including financial modelling; managing the due diligence process, including overseeing commercial, financial, tax, legal and other diligence advisors; drafting within portfolio companies; and monitoring and reporting on portfolio company performance.


KKR is looking for well-rounded individuals with the following skills and personality traits: 

Business and Investment Judgement

• Demonstrates good investment instincts and a smart and thoughtful approach to investment opportunities, e.g., what makes for a “good” investment, quality of company, key underlying issues, value drivers and other critical factors

• Demonstrates entrepreneurial mind-set generating new and creative ideas and opportunities

• Considers macro and micro-economic drivers for investment success

• Demonstrates versatility in adapting to different industries and geographies

• Is able to combine high-level views with detailed analysis. 

Communication Skills

• Exceptional written and verbal communication skills in at least one European language

• Structured and succinct presentation & communication

• Relationship-building skills and ability to communicate with all levels of stakeholders 

Technical Skills

• Superior analytical skills (including operational and financial modelling)

• Thorough understanding of financial concepts. 

Soft Skills & Motivation

• High level of integrity, strong work ethic and commitment to the job

• Genuine enthusiasm to work in private equity

• Demonstrates passion for investing and working with management teams

• Self-starter with ability to work both independently and within teams

• Personable, non-arrogant team-player with good interpersonal skills and sense of humour

• Ability to manage stress, work under pressure and effectively deal with confrontational situations

• High level of efficiency, ability to multi-task and set priorities

• Effective ambassador of KKR with clients, management teams, advisors, investors and others.


• Track record of excellence in academics (evidenced by consistent top tier rankings and grades), both at school and university

• 1 to 2 internships within investment banking, consulting, private equity or alternative investment managers


The recruitment process will be virtual and will be as follows:

• Webinar event (week commencing 25th July, exact date & time TBC):

o An introductory 1-hour Zoom webinar event with a selection of investors from the KKR team

• Superday event (20th/21st August):

o Meeting 3 investment professionals in 30-minute interviews. 

These interviews will separately test you on the following points:

• Background: CV based questions

• Motivations: Questions around motivations for joining KKR, knowledge of PE, sector trends, KKR portfolio companies etc.

• Culture Fit: Questions to understand your fit in the team and maturity to be an investment professional

o Case Study (30mins prep, 30mins Q&A)

• This will involve developing an investment case from materials provided to you (such as an Investment Presentation), and is designed to test how you think about businesses, how you prioritise, and how you cope under time pressure, as well as your investment instincts

• Final Rounds (between 22nd-26th August):

o 1 x 30-minute interview with a Director

o 1 x 30-minute interview with a Managing Director

o Successful candidates will be offered on 26th August

How to apply:

KKR, a global alternative asset manager, is organizing a Private Equity educational webinar, with the purpose to give prospective graduates an early insight into the world of investing, the KKR team and their investment thesis. The date of the webinar event will be 28th July (exact time TBC, but it will be early morning), and it will last for 1 hour.

The team will also provide information about an upcoming recruitment process for a Graduate role in their Private Equity team in the London office. The start date is Summer 2023 and the process targets students with a track record of excellent academics and at least 1 internship within investment banking, consulting, private equity or alternative asset managers.

The graduate recruitment process will begin with an interview superday on the weekend of 20th/21st August, and final interviews will take placebetween 22nd – 26th August.  The interviews will take place virtually over zoom. 

If you are interested in the webinar (and/or the recruitment process), please follow the following steps :

  1. Click the below "Apply Button" which will allow you to email your interest to kkrgraduates@keaconsultants.com. You will also need to enclose your updated CV and state your interest (ie webinar, recruitment process or both). Please get this done by Friday 22nd July so that KEA Consultants can review you.  (Please note that if you have already emailed Kea your updated CV through separate channels, your interest has already been registered and they do not require you to send your CV again.)

  2. Confirm your application with SEO London by ensuring you follow the instructions and fill up the data here so that SEO London can flag up strong candidates with KKKR/KEA : https://portal.seo-london.org/opportunity/a054G00000qDqBdQAK/ and emailing alumni@seo-london.org.

Application deadline: Friday 22nd July