Strategy and Policy Advisor/Manager- Associate and Senior Associate

Ofcom - Various
22 Jul 2020

Team Overview

Team overview

Ofcom exists to make communications work for everyone. We regulate the TV, radio and video-on-demand sectors, fixed and mobile telecoms, postal services, plus the airwaves over which wireless devices operate. We are also helping to inform the ongoing debate about the future of online regulation.

Our culture is shaped by four corporate values: excellence, agility, collaboration and empowerment.

The Strategy and Policy team does a range of exciting work across all the sectors Ofcom regulates. In brief, our key responsibilities are:

  • Defining Ofcom’s corporate strategy – working with senior management and the Board to help define Ofcom’s priorities and assessing how well we have delivered past priorities
  • Providing market and policy insight – understanding how the communications sector is developing in order to inform our wider policy programme and our corporate strategy
  • Delivering Ofcom’s strategic priorities – steering major projects that set the future direction of regulation in the sector
  • Offering thought leadership on emerging policy issues – working collaboratively with other teams to establish Ofcom’s position on new or cross-cutting competition, consumer, or public policy issues 

Purpose of the Role

As a Strategy and Policy Advisor/Manager you will be accountable for steering policy development in specific areas, as well as providing advice and guidance to others across a range of policy areas. You will work across an exciting range of issues, gaining wide insight and understanding in all of the sectors that we regulate. Your work could include considering the future of public service broadcasting in the UK, assessing policy measures to encourage the deployment of full-fibre broadband, or thinking about the best ways to tackle online harms. The work you do will have a real, long term impact in sectors that affect all of us.

Requirements of the Role

What are you expected to deliver in this role:

  • Policy development: Ability to investigate information and apply evidence to develop policy
  • Project management: Planning effectively and managing project teams to ensure timely delivery with ability to motivate and delegate to team members
  • Stakeholder management: Developing and managing relationships with businesses, public bodies and other stakeholders, and representing Ofcom’s position at meetings
  • Intellectual curiosity: eagerness to learn about developments in the communications sector and the role of regulation
  • Appreciation of and desire to promote Ofcom's values of excellence, agility, empowerment and collaboration

Skills, knowledge and experience

Essential Skills and Knowledge

Our colleagues come from a variety of different academic and career backgrounds, and have developed their skills in many different roles and sectors. The core skills for the role are:

  • Analytical skills: You should be able to demonstrate your ability to think creatively about problems and develop effective, evidence-based solutions
  • Communication skills: You should have excellent writing and communication skills and be able to convey your message in a clear and precise way, along with the ability to tailor arguments for different audiences
  • Teamwork and leadership skills: You should be able to demonstrate planning and organisational skills, and the ability to collaborate with and incorporate insights from a range of colleagues
  • Relationship building skills: You should be able to build and maintain working relationships with a broad range of people, including industry stakeholders, and colleagues across Ofcom



You do not require any specific academic qualifications for these roles, but we will be looking for evidence of your ability to solve policy problems that may have business, legal, economic and technology dimensions, to explain your thinking effectively to different audiences and to deliver projects.

A degree could be a relevant indicator, as could relevant professional experience.

Further Information

We will only consider applicatiosn for this role accompanied by a cover letter.