Dare to go there!
06 Mar 2018
How openly talking about ‘race’ helps to make diversity & inclusion ‘real’
  Dare to go there! How openly talking about ‘race’ helps to make diversity & inclusion ‘real’ Some people in ‘professional circles’ tend to avoid bringing up race in conversations on diversity and inclusion, probably fearing that they may give off an impression of themselves as being ‘radi...
by SEO London
Making Africa Great Again!
13 Nov 2017
Reflections on SEO London Annual Conference for Student Leaders of BME Origin hosted at Baker McKenzie.
"SEO London Amplify the Voice" is a series of publications featuring articles by young people aimed at highlighting issues relating to workplace inclusion that affect them personally and as a group. .
by Dumi Senda, Talent Manager & Media Lead
You cannot be an effective team player...
11 Sep 2017
If you view your identity as a liability.
Viewing your identity as a strength can position you for career success.
by Dumi Senda, Talent Manager & Media Lead
Transformational approaches to workplace inclusion.
11 Aug 2017
Gender and (not or) ethnic equality.
In light of a recent raging debate about workplace inclusion, or the lack of it, this article challenges some misconceptions and presents an alternative view which centres on transformative approaches.
by Agnes Kamara Talent Manager
Looking back, paying it forward: with Shakira Adigun-Boaye
19 Jun 2017
We caught up with Shakira Adigun-Boaye, who has just graduated from the MBA program at Columbia Business School, and has supported the charity immensely over the years as a buddy and mentor; recently making a generous donation.
by Tracey Abayeta Programme Manager, Investment Banking & Asset Management
How to convert your summer internship
19 Jun 2017
As SEO London conclude our pre-internship training, I thought it would be useful to summarise some essential pearls of wisdom shared during what was a very insightful week.
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